Troubleshooting Guide for Long Range System

Prior to Installation

  • Test all components of system together in one room prior to installing in permanent locations.

  • Check that Receiver/Paging Transmitter adapters are plugged in, switches are in ON position, wire uncoiled, and antenna is fully open to its full 48" and tight.

  • Make sure that Repeater and Paging Transmitter are cabled together with no loose connections.

  • Test individual Detectors one by one.  Turn on one Detector, leaving others in OFF position. Turn on pager(s).  Light cigarette in view of face of detector and make sure it signals Receiver and Pager(s).  Turn detector OFF and repeat test with each additional Detector.

During Installation

  • Make sure that Detector is placed in as central a location as possible in room to be monitored.

  • If some rooms are not communicating with Repeater/Paging Transmitter, take Repeater/Paging Transmitter into problem room(s), plug into AC outlet, and test Detector to determine if damage occurred during installation.

  • If Repeater/Paging Transmitter works in problem room(s) but not in chosen location, see Range Problems below.

  • If Repeater/Paging Transmitter works but Pager(s) do not, check that cable connections between Repeater and Paging Transmitter are not loose.

After Installation

  • Make sure the Detector batteries are changed annually.

  • Make sure that equipment is in a secure location and has not been tampered with.

  • Make sure that each unit is free from dust.

Range Problems:  The CigaretteBusterTM wireless communication technology is very reliable.  It has been tested successfully at a distance of 1000’ in open air. However, more walls or metal in the walls slightly diminish this range.

  • If you find that a room is out of range, first make sure location of RePT follow guidelines outlined in Tips for Optimum Placement of Equipment.  Often, choosing a different location nearer to rooms to be monitored, away from interference, of higher in the room will solve the problem.

  • Second, a Signal Repeater can be added to improve reception to rooms farther from Repeater/Paging Transmitter.  The Repeater is installed midway between between Repeater/Paging Transmitter and rooms where signal reception is poor.  The Repeater is small and can be plugged into an AC outlet in any closet appropriately located.  It receives radio signals from Detectors and re-transmits them to the Repeater/Paging Transmitter.  Typically, a Repeater solves 95% of range problems.

  • Finally, the most reliable way to solve range problems is to hardwire the system.  This conversion is cumbersome, requiring wires to be run from each detector back to the hardwired Receiver.  However, if it is necessary, it can be done at no charge to you.


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