All detectors can be equipped with local alarm or integrated into a smoking enforcement system.  Use the system selection guide or contact us directly for advice, pricing, or availability.
Cigarette smoking detectors hidden inside common restroom items:

cigarette smoke detector inside fake smoke detector
Smoke Detector Shell - 52 Series


Receivers for STEALTH Smoking Detection Systems 

Long Range:
Receivers/pagers, text, or email

Other types of detectors
Loiter Detector
Second Hand Smoke Detector

Loiter alarm
Series 2000 email output

Second Hand Smoke Detector
Series 9000
output: flashing LED or
short range wired/wireless

 Cigarette Smoke Detector

Vehicular Smoke Detector
second hand cigarette smoke detector
Cigarette Smoke Detector
Series 8000
output: local alarm, or short range wired/wireless
vehicula smoke detector
Vehicular Smoke Detector NEW!
Series 3000 output: flashing LED,
short range wired, or text message
Easily installation in a bathroom, hallway of any other area.
Stop smoking in any public bathroom with cigarette smoke detector
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