Wireless Central Office System
  The most popular non-smoking enforcement system in the world!
Alert staff immediately where smoker has lit cigarette !
Continuous patrol for cigarette smoke and smokers

      Saves Time and Money!

  • It’s Successful! Continuous and automatic monitoring eliminates smoking in bathrooms, stairwells, and other areas designated as non-smoking

  • It’s Cost-Effective! Pays for itself in a few months by freeing staff from routine bathroom patrol

  • It’s Impartial! Decreases complaints about non-smoking rules violations

  • It’s Simple! Easy to install and low maintenance

  • Praise for CigaretteBusterTM High school teacher Dick Austin observed immediate elimination of both smoking and the need for teachers to act as monitors and said “I can’t praise it enough”

How the CigaretteBusterTM Long Range Paging System works:
cigarette smoke detector housing options

Detectors (shown on left), placed in up to 8 restrooms or other areas where smokers congregate, sense any illicit smoking. Each triggers receiver in central office (shown on right) identifying which area smoker is in. Staff can respond before smoker has left the area!