Voice Products, LLC
Since 1994

The World Leader in Smoking Enforcement
Inventor of the Cigarette Smoke Detector

Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution
Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com manufactures all our Cigarette Smoke Detectors on premises.  We sell directly as well as through resellers, some of whom also advertise on the web.  We do not provide pricing through the website.  For over 15 years, we have found that a direct conversation via either email or phone about the range of our products makes for more satisfied customers.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.   As the manufacturer, we guarantee to match or beat any price quote.

Over fifteen years ago, Michael Kaufman, now Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com President, developed his first smoke detecting device. The product became a huge success and Mr. Kaufman started Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com to market his innovation. Since then Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com has grown to be the largest smoke enforcement system provider in the world.