Long Range System - Repeater Guide
   A Repeater will improve 95% of poor reception due to range problems

  • When to order.  The Repeater receives radio signals from Detectors and re-transmits them to the Receiver/Paging Transmitter.  If range is the problem, adding the Repeater will likely solve it.  However, since poor wireless reception is often due to nearby interference, try adjusting the location of the Receiver/Paging Transmitter as discussed in our Tips for Optimum Placement of Long Range Equipment first.

  • Location, location, location.   The Repeater is installed midway between between the STEALTH Receiver and the rooms where signal reception is poor.  Our guide entitled Tips for Optimum Placement of Long Range Equipment will also help you select the best location for the Repeater.

  • Secrecy and security.   Once you have identified the right general area in your facility, find a secure room.  The Repeater is small and can be plugged into an AC outlet in any closet appropriately located.

  • Best wireless reception.   Place Repeater 4 to 6 feet from the floor, being sure that it is not near metal walls or other materials that can interfere with wireless reception and transmission.

  • Plug and go.  Plug Repeater into an AC outlet and your STEALTH system should work well.



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