What Customers Are Saying
About our STEALTH Cigarette Smoke Detector Systems

  • Letcher County Central High School, KY
    I am writing in reference to [the Cigarette Buster system] my school, Letcher County Central, has purchased from you. The instant notifications enabled us to quickly identify which alarm in one of our 8 student bathrooms had been triggered. This allowed us to move quickly and immediately resolve the issue. Our students soon realized that smoking was no longer accepted at LCCHS-they would get caught and would be punished for smoking. Needless to say, our bathrooms, (and entire school environment), are much better! Thank you for your product and the customer support as we continue to utilize the Cigarette Buster system at LCCHS.  Dec, 2017.  <view letter>
    Jeff Hettinger, Principal
  • Frontier High School, IN
    I highly recommend the Cigarette Buster system for your school. The system is easy to install and the people at the people at Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com are great to work with. We purchased the Cigarette Buster detector system and within days my cell phone received a text alerting me to smoke in the bathroom. The system works as advertised and is a great way to keep your school tobacco free!   Dec, 2017.  <view letter>
    Jeff Hettinger, Principal

  • Powder Cote II, MI
    This letter is to let you know how wekk this product has helped us eliminate smoking in our restrooms at our facility. I would recommend this product to anyone with this problem. Dec, 2017.  <view letter>
    Bob Lowe

  • Vinfen Housing, OR
    We use your Cigarette Buster in a group home setting. Since using your devices, smoking is being detected instantly, allowing us to address the issue instantly. I recvommend this product for any establishment where others safety / health is bein impacted by cigarette smoke.  Aug, 2017.  <view letter>
    Sheryl S, Highlander House

  • Our House of Portland, OR
    After we got the Cigarette Buster 52 and tested it with the resident present, the room smoking stopped. It was like magic. However, the resident did try to smoke in other rooms that do not have the magic Cigarette Buster. We are looking at installing more of these smoke detectors so that we can be as proactive as possible for fire hazards that start with stealth cigarette smoke.  Apr, 2016.  <view letter>
    Kim Hutchinson, RN, MSN, ACRN

  • Tonapah Valley, AZ
    Since [just days after installion], we have had zero incidents in bathrooms. I highly recommend this product to schools who would like to eliminate smoking on campus.   Nov, 2014.  <view letter>
    Edgar Garcia, Principal    

  • South Allegheny, PA
    The pager system allows notification as soon as a student starts to light a cigarette, which in turn has administrator go to exact spot to catch the students.  The Cigarette Buster System has been a valuable aset for our school to eliminate smoking in the school.  Aug 20, 2012.  <view letter>
    Hal Minford, Assistant Principal
  • Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High South
    The results have been effective in intervening and identifying smokers.  July 31, 2012  < view letter>
        G Anthony Morrison, Asst Principal
  • Minford High South
    Minford High School is the first school I have worked in that did not have a smoking problem.  It is easy to see that our Stealth Smoking Enforcement System is the reason why.  Needless to say, I have been very impressed and would recommend this system to any organization wishing to not only cut down smoking but eliminate it in your restricted areas.               July 9, 2012  < view letter>
        Jeffrey A Pica, Asst Principal
  • Clay High South
    Since the installation of this system, we have had zero calls.           October 4, 2011  < view letter>
  • Lower Cape may Regional School District
    This system has done an outstanding job enforcing our district's smoke-free policy and eliminating smoking in the building 100%.  It is a pleasure to receive a service/product that lives up to their advertising and does what it claims to do.  October 19, 201 1< view letter>
        Frank Onorato, Business Administator
  • Amity High School
    We are please with your product and believe it has all but eliminated smoking in our bathrooms within three weeks.  An unexpected benefit of your product has also brought attention to students with substance abuse issues.  < view letter>
        Jason Tracy, Associate Principal 
  • Sumpter High School
    The "Stealth Smoking Enforcement" device has been a valuable tool in keeping our school smoke free.  The technology notifies us during the infraction and makes for quick enforcement. March 23, 201 1< view letter>
        W Rutledge Dingle, Principal
  • Statesboro High School
    I researched online and found this product. We took a chance and ordered it... Within two days, we had caught three smokers. In fact, when I met one of them when he left the bathroom, he remarked, “How did you know?” My reply was “magic,” which is what it is. Our smoking has decreased significantly. I am now about to order more for the rest of our bathrooms across the school. March 23, 201 1< view letter>
        Bobby Costlow, Asst Principal
  • Hopkins County Central High School
    We installed the product in 2001 and they have been very effective...  and saved many man hours of restroom supervision.  If you have problems with smoking in your restrooms, installing these detectors is a must.  The company is great to work with.  Jan 10, 2011 < view letter>
        Rick Snodgrass, Asst Principal
  • Weir High School
    After installing the cigarette busters in the spring of 2008 our smoking problem stopped immediately.  Apr 21, 2010 < view letter>
        Anthony Perry, Asst Principal
  • Riverside High School
    I would recommend this product to any school or organization  that is faced with trying to ban smoking inside a public building.   Feb 8, 2010 <view letter>
        Paula Potter, Principal
  • Bay Human Services
    Kudos for an excellent product!  We would not hesitate to purchase more systems for other AFC Homes that are experiencing the same problems.   Feb 2, 2010 <view letter>
        Aleta Wendling, Area Manager
  • George Washinton High School
    Our system is operational with the addition of signal boosters.  We ahve caught several of our most wanted smokers.  This system has put a huge dent in the illicit smoking.  May, 2010 <view letter>
        Jim Crawford, Assistant Principal
  • Canajoharie Central School
    [The Cigarette Buster] works by sensing smoking as soon as the cigarette is lit.  It has certainly been an effective deterrent.  Feb, 2010 <view letter>
        David Barnes, Principal
  • Marshfield High School, Marshfield, MA
    We implemented the use of your product three weeks ago and have had over 30 interventions for students who are smoking... We have then provided them an opportunity to take part in a cessation program that will have long term positive results.  [The system] has produced remarkable results. Dec 15, 2009 <view letter>
        Brad Weston, Assistant Principal
  • Fairdale High School, Fairdale, KY
    I am writing to express satisfaction with the effectiveness of your cigarette detection devices. When a student lights up, security and administration get a page telling them exactly which bathroom to check.  Thank you for a much needed product!  Nov 18, 2009 <view letter>
        Brad Weston, Assistant Principal
  • Bullitt County Health Department, Shepardsville, KY
    This letter is to tell you how pleased we are with [the STEALTH Cigarette Smoke Detector Enforcement System]. The staff has been kept running answering the alarms.  The message has been received... "You smoke here, you will get caught." Clearing the air for all and adding physical exercise for the staff---Not a bad combination for improving the overall health of those in the ...county.   Jan 17, 2007 <view letter>
        Cynthia Brown, Health Education Coordinator
  • Breckenridge County High School, Harned, KY
    Prior to installation [of the detectors] we were fighting a losing battle with smokers...  After the detectors were installed we began catching them left and right.  The paging system works great and even tells you which restroom to check.  The looks on the faces of the ones we caught were priceless.  If your school has a problem with smoking in the restrooms, installing these detectors is a must.  <view letter>
        Dale Butler, Principal

  • South Hunterdon Regional High School, Lambertville, NJ
    We have had ZERO smokers in our bathroom this year because of this system.  Last year we had students smoking in the bathrooms all day long.  This [cigarette smoke detector] system is worth every cent we spent.  If there is anyone who wants to know how effective the system is, please feel free to have them contact me. Thanks again for helping us make our bathrooms smoke free.  March 28, 2006   <view letter>
    Donald Woodring, Principal
  • Midland, Ontario  CANADA
    Thank you Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com! For years I have suspected my employees of smoking secretly while I was busy doing work in the office downstairs. I had suspicions but no possibility to catch them in the act, after secretly installing your Long range wireless paging system, I caught three employees in the act and have not had a problem since, thank you for your excellent [cigarette smoke detector] products!!
    Kyle Maracle

  • Sidney Public Schools, Sidney, OH
    I just can't believe how effective your cigarette [smoke] detectors have been for us.  The high school principal has reported to out Board and repeatedly has told me that the reduction of smoking in the restrooms has been well over 90%.  Even the students have noticed and shown their appreciation.  <view letter>

         Bill Ankney, Manager of Business Operations

  • Anderson County High School, Lawrenceburg, KY
    I am writing to tell you how much we love your [STEALTH Cigarette smoke detector system]. The first week we installed it, pages were going off like crazy. The administrators started a competition for who would catch the most kids. We caught 50+ the first week. The next week, we were down to 30 with maybe 5 the following week. Our competition was over.  We no longer have a smoking problem in our building and it continues to be true today 3 years later. We only hear beepers go off at the beginning of every school year or when there is a new student. I highly recommend your product and have done so on many occasions. Oct 10, 2005 <view letter>
    Katherine Wright, Associate Principal

  • Center High School, Monaca, PA
    We have had great success in using the [cigarette smoke] detectors to reduce or prevent student use of tobacco products. And, as a result, we have been able to better educate our students in the preventative aspects of tobacco usage. Our students and our teachers are both grateful and proud.  The detectors have proven to be an effective tool in our fight to keep students from smoking.  Jan 17, 2006  <view full letter>
    Kevin O'Toole, Assistant Principal
  • South Granville High School, Creedmoor, NC
    Your products is great!  It does exactly what you advertise it will do -- stop smoking in bathrooms. Nov 13, 2005
    Dwayne R Cooke, Principal

  • Gilmer High School, Ellijay, GA
    The [cigarette smoke detector] system is working well, and we have almost eliminated smoking in our bathrooms.  This system works! Sep 10, 2003
    Mark A Stallings, Principal

  • Buckeye Hills Career Center, Rio Grande, OH
    We've got the anti-smoking system installed and it is already appearing to have a positive effect on the smoking problem here. So far this year, we've caught only three smokers, and the bathrooms no longer smell like giant ashtrays when you walk in!  Sep 12, 2003
    Fred Ellsesser

  • Haverford High School, Havertown, PA
    Since we purchased the STEALTH [cigarette smoke detector] system for several of our lavatories a few years ago and subsequently all of our building’s lavatories the next year, we have experienced a significant drop in smoking violations. Initially several more students were apprehended attempting to smoke cigarettes in the lavatories. Word of the “smoking detectors” soon spread through the student population and the infractions all but stopped. I also feel obligated to mention the quality of your service and support. Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com reprogrammed the base unit to accommodate the new sensors. We only had one sensor fail and the unit was sent out and returned repaired at no cost. May 31, 2006  <view full letter>
    Richard Kline, Grade Level Principal

  • Capital High School, Charleston, WV
    We recently purchased and installed your stealth system.  We had experienced a smoking problem in the past that was well out of hand.  After installation of this system and dispersing the pagers, our number of infractions have .. decreased.. and with your system hope to eliminate them altogether.  Feb 2, 2007 <view full letter>
    William McCoy, Assistant Principal

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