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STEALTH Cigarette Smoking Enforcement Systems:
    System Selection Guide
Internal Alarm
Common Courtesy
Short Range Wireless System
Hardwired System
Central Office Notification
Long Range Wireless Paging System

CigaretteBusterTM Products:
   Cigarette Smoking Detectors
    Smoke Detector Shell 5200 Series
    Surface Mount 7400 Series
    Fake Sprinkler Head 7600 Series
    Deodorizer Mount 7700 Series
    Air Vent 7900 Series
    Speaker Grill 7800 Series
      Cigarette Smoke Detector 8000 Series
      Second Hand Cigarette Smoke Detector 9000 Series
   Remote Receivers
    Remote Wired and Short Range Wireless Indicators
    Remote Long Range Receivers
    Central Office Receiver
   All CigaretteBusterTM Products

Tips and Guides
   Installation Tips
   Maintenance Tips
   Guides for Long Range Wireless Paging Systems
       Wireless Placement Guide
       Troubleshooting Guide
       Guide to Repeaters
       Adding New Detectors to Existing STEALTH System

About Cigarette Smoke Detectors
Benefits of and Uses for Cigarette Smoke Detectors


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