Evidence Collection
  The most popular non-smoking enforcement system in the world!
Cigarette smoking detector tracks smoking infractions !


      Saves Time and Money!

  • It’s Successful! Continuous and automatic monitoring of any room designated as non-smoking

  • It’s Cost-Effective! Pays for itself with proof for court and less tenant turnover

  • It’s Impartial! Provides proof of each infraction. Decreases complaints about non-smoking rules violations

  • It’s Simple! Easy to install and low maintenance

  • Praise for CigaretteBusterTM High school teacher Dick Austin observed immediate elimination of both smoking and the need for teachers to act as monitors and said “I can’t praise it enough”

How the CigaretteBusterTM Short Range System works:
cigarette smoke detector housing options

Place detectors (shown on left) in any room where you suspect smoking may be occurring. Attach to wall and wireless equipment is ready to go. Detector senses any illicit smoking in a room and immediately sends SMS text message to your phone or computer. 

Track the number of infractions plus time and date of each occurance!

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