Adding a Pager to STEALTH Long Range System

Adding a new belt pager to your STEALTH System requires that it be programmed into the base station of the Paging System.  The process takes less than one minute.

  • The belt pager needs to be placed into programming mode.  Turn on the belt pager by sliding its switch ON while simultaneously holding the switch down.  The belt pager should show an “L” flashing on its display.  If it does not show the “L”, turn it off and try this procedure again.

  • While the belt pager is on programming mode, turn ON the base station of the Paging System (shown at right).  This is done by sliding the rocker switch on the left back of the base station from OFF to ON.

  • The base station should respond by beeping three times.

  • The belt pager should respond by beeping and its display will eventually show a “0”.

  • Turn OFF the belt pager.

  • The system is now ready for operation.