Benefits of Washroom Cigarette Smoke Detectors

  • Improved Public Health - From a public health standpoint, employing a cigarette smoke detector in a problem washroom serves several purposes.  First, by eliminating smoking in enclosed areas, the presence of second-hand smoke is decreased.  Next, less exposure to smokers decreases peer pressure that drives teens to start smoking.  Third, with decreased opportunity to smoke in washroom, more people of all ages may make the choice to quit.

  • Increased Bottom Line - Monitoring a restroom and following up on complaints regarding smokers is expensive.  Data places the annual cost for these daily tasks at roughly $6000 annually*, so cigarette smoking detectors pay for themselves very quickly**.  With the increasing cost of health care premiums for smokers, long run savings on a washroom smoke detector if smokers are encouraged to quit are possible as well.

  • Detector Stops Smoking in Each Washroom in Two Ways
       Phase 1:  Sounding an alarm or alerting security deters smokers
       Phase 2:  Eliminating smoking in each washroom gets easier over time
                     as word-of-mouth keeps smokers from lighting up at all.

  • Facilities that can Benefit from cigarette smoke detector in washroom -
    A cigarette smoke detector can be placed in any washroom or other enclosed area where smoking poses a risk to public health or public policy.  For years, our cigarette smoke detector technology has been employed in washrooms of schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.  As smoking policies change, they are increasingly found in washroom iof office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings, and airports. 

    Assumes administrative or security personnel with $50000 salary.
    **Data regarding wireless systems suggest that units pay for themselves in roughly 3 months.  For Wi Fi-enabled facilities, the benefit is realized even faster. 
    This does not factor in fines associated with smoking violations in some locations.