What Our Customers Are Saying

  • South Hunterdon Regional High School, Lambertville, NJ
    We have had ZERO smokers in our bathroom this year because of this system.  Last year we had students smoking in the bathrooms all day long.  This system is worth every cent we spent.  If there is anyone who wants to know how effective the system is, please feel free to have them contact me. Thanks again for helping us make our bathrooms smoke free.  March 28, 2006   < >view full letter>
    Donald Woodring, Principal
  • Midland, Ontario  CANADA
    Thank you Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com! For years I have suspected my employees of smoking secretly while I was busy doing work in the office downstairs. I had suspicions but no possibility to catch them in the act, after secretly installing your Long range wireless paging system, I caught three employees in the act and have not had a problem since, thank you for your ezcellent products!!
        Kyle Maracle
  • Anderson County High School, Lawrenceburg, KY
    I am writing to tell you how much we love your product.  The first week we installed it, pages were going off like crazy. The administrators started a competition for who would catch the most kids. We caught 50+ the first week. The next week, we were down to 30 with maybe 5 the following week. Our competition was over.  We no longer have a smoking problem in our building and it continues to be true today 3 years later. We only hear beepers go off at the beginning of every school year or when there is a new student. I highly recommend your product and have done so on many occasions. Oct 10, 2005   < >view full letter>
    Katherine Wright, Associate Principal
  • Center High School, Monaca, PA
    We have had great success in using the detectors to reduce or prevent student use of tobacco products. And, as a result, we have been able to better educate our students in the preventative aspects of tobacco usage. Our students and our teachers are both grateful and proud.  The detectors have proven to be an effective tool in our fight to keep students from smoking.  Jan 17, 2006  < >view full letter>
    Kevin O'Toole, Assistant Principal
  • South Granville High School, Creedmoor, NC
    Your products is great!  It does exactly what you advertise it will do -- stop smoking in bathrooms. Nov 13, 2005
    Dwayne R Cooke, Principal
  • Gilmer High School, Ellijay, GA
    The system is working well, and we have almost eliminated smoking in our bathrooms.  This system works! Sep 10, 2003
    Mark A Stallings, Principal
  • Buckeye Hills Career Center, Rio Grande, OH
    We've got the anti-smoking system installed and it is already appearing to have a positive effect on the smoking problem here. So far this year, we've caught only three smokers, and the bathrooms no longer smell like giant ashtrays when you walk in!  Sep 12, 2003
    Fred Ellsesser
  • Haverford High School, Havertown, PA
    Since we purchased the STEALTH system for several of our lavatories a few years ago and subsequently all of our building’s lavatories the next year, we have experienced a significant drop in smoking violations. Initially several more students were apprehended attempting to smoke in the lavatories. Word of the “smoking detectors” soon spread through the student population and the infractions all but stopped. I also feel obligated to mention the quality of your service and support. Vproducts dba Cigarettesmokedetector.com reprogrammed the base unit to accommodate the new sensors. We only had one sensor fail and the unit was sent out and returned repaired at no cost. May 31, 2006  < >view full letter>
    Richard Kline, Grade Level Principal