Guide d'Installation et d'Entretien
These tips will ensure peak performance of your STEALTH Smoking Enforcement System.

Guide d'Installation

  • Secrecy
    One of the keys to a successful installation of the STEALTH system is to maintain secrecy. It is crucial that only the minimum number of staff members be involved in its implementation. By maintaining secrecy in the location and technology of the detectors the smokers will not likely figure out the system’s operation and/or try to vandalize its components.
  • Misdirection
    The STEALTH system will quickly start to catch smokers in the act. The smokers will try to study the bathroom to figure out how they were caught. We suggest the use of a misdirection tactic to divert the smokers away from the STEALTH system. We recommend the simultaneous installation of inexpensive household smoke detectors in the bathroom. This can be communicated as the enforcement device to the smokers. It can also be easily replaced in the event of vandalism.
  • Realism
    The STEALTH system detectors have amazing coverage. They can detect up to a distance of 30 feet and a 200 square foot area. When locating the detectors it is best to place them where they can see the most area and/or over the areas where smokers tend to congregate. Be realistic that you cannot cover every possible corner of the bathroom and be willing to accept a 75% coverage if that is more economical. In addition, be realistic with the wireless system’s range. The 1000 feet range may be diminished by thick walls. For range problems we can provide repeaters to increase the range.

Guide dEntretien

  • Inspect and Clean Unit
    Check unit periodically to see that it has not been tampered with.  Clean any dust that may have collected from grill, vents, or sensing tube.
  • Change Batteries
    Batteries need to be replaced on our wireless units about once a year.  Batteries are standard 9V or AA and are available at many locations.  Check specific product pages for type of battery required.