How does the Stealth System work?
The STEALTH system uses detectors hidden in common bathroom fixtures such as a deodorizer or sprinkler head to sense flame from a lighter of match. It then sends a signal to a centrally located Receiver which sounds an alarm. The Receiver sends a message to a belt pager indicating the bathroom number of the smoker.
How do you install the system?
The detectors are quickly mounted on the ceiling with just a few screws. They can be installed in less than 5 minutes per bathroom. The centrally located Receiver is simply plugged into a wall outlet and the system is ready for enforcing smoking rules.
Why hide the detectors?
We have found that detectors that are overtly installed in a bathroom are susceptible to vandalism and theft while hidden detectors with STEALTH packaging blend into the bathroom and are not noticed.
Why not smoke detectors?
We also manufacture cigarette smoke detectors for sensing cigarette smoke. However this technology has a limited range, poor response time and requires overt installation making them susceptible to vandalism.
Should I use wireless or hardwired?
The wireless system is the quickest and simplest installation since there is no wiring. However a hardwired installation may be required if the distance between the detectors and Receiver is too far for the range of the wireless equipment.
How do I maintain the system once installed?
Your STEALTH smoking enforcement system will work for years with minor routine maintenance.  Simply clean each unit periodically to remove any dust and change the batteries once a year.